Surprising Facts About Carpet Cleaning

Surprising Facts About Carpet Cleaning

There are a few facts that you need to know and if you do, you will understand why residential carpet cleaning plays a key role. Do many people think that why should we clean the carpets? Well, the facts that are given below are surprising as well as shocking. So, just read them and see how you will know a few more things about carpet cleaning.

Bacteria can survive on the carpets for 4 weeks

If you do not call for Local carpet cleaners at regular intervals or if you have not to steam cleaned the carpet for a while then you will see that there would be some effect on your health. This is because the bacteria can survive on a carpet for about four weeks. This can surely be dreadful for your health.

Skin flakes on the carpets work as allergens

You must give the contract for cleaning the carpets to the local carpet cleaners. Do you know an average person shed the skin flakes every hour and this will take the form of allergens? That’s the reason why you need to be alert about cleaning the carpets at regular intervals.

Carpet cleaning has a direct relation to indoor air quality

There is a direct relationship between carpet cleaning and indoor air quality. This means that, if you keep the carpets clean then the air quality within the room will be great. You can therefore have good breathing solutions and there will be good health too. You must therefore get in touch with regular carpet cleaning and ask them to come and clean your carpets once a year at least.

If you do not clean the carpets then a massive lot of soil would be on the carpets

Carpets usually face too much traffic and that’s the reason why there will be a massive lot of soil in the fibers of the carpet. You must therefore make it a point to clean the same at regular intervals.

Understand this research

In one of the researches, it was found that a dirty carpet is 4000 times filthier when compared to a toilet seat. Now, this statement tells how important it is to clean the carpets from time to time. If you don’t do that then there is just no difference between a filthy carpet or the filth that you find on the roadside.

There can be chemical pollution from the carpet cleaning service do not use the right products

Carpet cleaning services should be using the best quality compounds and chemicals. At the same time, they should ensure that these products are not toxic too. If you can figure out such things then you will know how important it is to use the right products for cleaning the carpets.


Keeping carpets clean is important. Now, after reading the facts above, you must have become doubly sure of this. So, do not take a chance. Just clean the carpet well or hire reputed carpet cleaners.